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Marie Simons is a 4th degree Usui Reiki Ryoho and Shiki Ryoho Reiki master and teacher. She has been practicing Reiki since 1989.  She has trained with Reiki Masters in Chicago, Philadelphia, and Sedona and attained her Reiki III (teaching level) in New York in 2002.  Since then, She has taught Reiki to massage therapists and medical support staff. For the last 6 years, Marie has been working with hospice and cancer patients with truly wonderful results.

Marie treats people of all ages who wish to utilize Reiki for general wellness and stress reduction as well as for specific tension or pain problems. She is also certified to work on animals and primarily works with small domestic pets, cats, dogs and horses, to alleviate pain and anxiety.

Her mission is to make Reiki accessible to anyone seeking its benefits. If the cost is prohibitive, speak to Marie and she will accommodate your specific needs.  Marie is fluent in Spanish and has a working understanding of French and Italian.

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word that translates as “God Light Energy.” It is practiced by transmitting healing energy through the practitioner’s hands to the recipient in order to balance energy, alleviate pain, and reduce stress. Reiki is not based on any religion or faith.


Tuesdays and Saturdays: 10 am – 9 pm

Fridays: 2:30 pm – 9 pm