Ellen picEllen Monsees is a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist who helps people move beyond death, divorce, and other losses by facilitating Grief Support Groups and One-on-One Programs utilizing The Grief Recovery Method®. A widow who found herself devastated after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband, she has experienced grief and recovery first-hand and can testify personally to the benefits of this program.  She teaches you how to move beyond loss, restore your happy memories, lay to rest the unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations about the future, and thrive.

The Grief Recovery Method Grief Support Groups are not like traditional groups, nor are they self-help groups — this is not a drop-in program. They are facilitated groups that use the time-tested Grief Recovery Method along with The Grief Recovery Handbook as the basic text, and a step-by-step format.  It is an experiential, action-based program with homework assignments. Support groups meet for two hours a week over eight weeks, while individuals typically complete the program in seven weeks with one-hour sessions.

In addition to teaching The Grief Recovery Method, Ellen is a Life Coach. In this role, she guides clients to examine, discover, and improve their ways of thinking and habits that may be hindering their full emotional expression or happiness. Using techniques she developed when rebuilding her own life after a major loss, she can help you learn to mindfully shape your life in each moment to become your best self.  Ellen’s clients learn to let go of “shoulds” and guilt, and to both experience more joy day-to-day and take a loving, kind approach to helping themselves.



Monday: 6 pm – 10 pm

Thursday and Sunday: 10 am – 10 pm


See Ellen’s website or Facebook page (addresses below) for updates on when new grief support groups are forming.


610-228-4242 ext. 7